Doodles Of Pearls Facebook Live!
Returns are accepted on the jewelry only. When requesting a return it must be made 10 days from delivery date. Pearls are not available for a refund. Oysters that are purchased for at home openings are sold as is. There is a VERY VERY small risk that the oyster will not have a pearl inside. If at any time during our live shows if we get an oyster that does not have a pearl we just open another. When they are shipped to you I am unable to do that.
Shipping must be paid in order to ship out the items sold. If you have an open facebook live opening we will make sure shipping is paid before opening. This ensures we can get your beautiful items to you!  
**Our products are not intended for children under the age of three. Anytime a child is wearing jewelry they should always be supervised. Our products contain small parts.**