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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do these oysters come from?  The akoya come from an oyster farm in Japan! The Biggin' and Little Biggin' come from a farm in South Asia!
2. Can you eat them? No!  Please don’t. They’re not the kind that you eat and the solution that preserves the oyster makes them inedible. The solution the oysters are preserved in is not harmful as per USA custom guidelines. The pearls should not be given to little ones. 
3. Can I resale the pearls?  Each jeweler differs.  MOST jewelers buy pearls in bulk from distributors and do not buy from an individual.  
4. Am I guaranteed a pearl with my opening?  99% of the time, they have a pearl inside of the oyster.  If at any time during my live shows we come across an oyster that does not have a pearl, we just open another one.  During the live show, you are guaranteed a pearl with your openings.  I cannot assure that when you buy the oysters to open at home.
5. Do they smell?  They have an odor close to a wet dog. It doesn’t smell fishy, like most would assume.
6. Are the oysters alive?  No.  They are not alive. 
7. How long does it take for a pearl to grow?  Up to 6 years.  
8. What is the largest pearl you’ve ever found?  An 8 1/2mm,.
9. Are the pearls real?  Yes!  Every pearl that comes from Doodles of Pearls is 100% real. 
10. Can I pick my color of pearl?  No, you can pick your oyster – but the pearl color is all up to chance.
11. How do they get their color?  The pearls are cultured pearls. Some of the pearls are treated organically to get the colors you see. Some are not. The process of colorization happens two ways. They are either treated before the "irritant" is placed or treated after. All of the information on the pearls I sell are given to me directly from our vendor.
12. Do you work for a company?  No, I am the owner of Doodles of Pearls.
13. Can I become a consultant for Doodles of Pearls?  At this time, we are not adding consultants to our company.  While we appreciate the interest, right now we aren’t looking to branch out to that avenue.
14. How do I know when you’re live on Facebook?  All live videos will have a LIVE red box on the feed.  If they’re no longer live, you will see ‘No longer live’ in the text description of the show.
15. How do I know when you’re going to be live?  Follow Doodles of Pearls on Facebook.  We will keep you up to date on all our shows and lists of openings for those that have ordered.
16. Do I have to buy jewelry with my oysters?  No.  We’re set up in a way that you can order what you want.  If you only want the pearls, all you have to order is an opening.  If you would like jewelry as well, great!  Some people love to see their pearls before they decide and that is perfectly fine with us!  
17. Are you using a knife?  No.  I’m using a curved shucker that is designed to open the oyster without harming the pearls inside.

**We have stopped using an estimated value chart here at Doodles of Pearls to give an estimated value of the pearls we open. With so many variances of colors we have there is no way of knowing what color category they would be placed in. Many things come in to play when giving an expert appraisal of a pearl. From the grade of pearl, the nacre, the size, the color, and the shape. The chart we have used in the past was an estimated value based on color and size alone. 

 ***Lil Biggin's***

These are freshwater oysters with cultured freshwater pearls inside. They are treated to get the vibrant colors. Our freshwater oysters and pearls come from South Asia. Inside are between 7-12 pearls. The pearls are placed inside each shell. 


** Triplets or More? ** Sometimes we get them! It is rare. In the process of cultivation the shells can become damaged and or cracked open. The pearls that are recovered are loose. Meaning they are outside of the shell. The oyster farm takes the Akoya pearls and place them inside a shell so that we are able to enjoy the pearls and they have a home. Twin pearls and single pearls are a natural occurrence. Any amount of pearls over two in a shell are placed inside. 

Pearl and Jewelry Care:

1. How do you care for the silver-plated jewelry?  Mix together equal parts baking soda and water to form a thick paste.  Dab this paste liberally onto your silver-plated jewelry and let sit for an hour.  Scrub the jewelry gently, using an old toothbrush (recommended) and the paste.  Rinse the paste off completely and let dry.
2. How do you care for sterling silver jewelry?  Rince the jewelry with water, then dry and buff with a soft cloth.  Voila!  Your silver should be sparkling clean and ready to keep you looking fabulous.  Combination:  If your pieces have very stubborn tarnish, you can use these treatments in succession to get them looking shiny again.
3. How do you care for the pearls?  Gently dab the pearl with water and soap with a dry, soft cloth.  Do not let chemicals sit on your pearls for too long.  Polish your pearls with a dry, soft cloth to maintain their luster.  Avoid jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.


Doodles of Pearls Policies:

1. Returns and Refunds: We do not give refunds on the pearls.  We do allow returns on the jewelry, if it’s returned within a 10-day period after delivery. We do not replace pearls that are opened at home unless you do a video of the opening. If damaged during the shucking we can not offer a replacement. However if the pearl is flawed by nature and you send in the video to us with you shucking it we will replace it!

2. We do not refund on DoodleLicious products! Once they have been opened we can not accept them back!

Shipping time varies depending on the order placed. MOST of the time when we open live the order will be shipped out in the next two business days. Open at home orders and or any orders made without a facebook live opening go out MOST of the time in 3-4 business days of purchase. PLEASE NOTE: We use USPS for our shipping. Once a shipping label has been created for the order placed, you will receive an email with a tracking number. USPS does not always scan the items while the package is in route. We have NO control over the USPS and the scanning process. We have the same information as you do as we both follow the tracking number.